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Playing with India ink, gouache and collage

During my stay in Mexico City, I decided not to abandon my artistic practice and decided to do some explorations with drawing, so armed with India ink, nib, brushes, gouache and the pages of some old and obsolete books, I got to work with textures made with brushstrokes, adding masks in some areas to see what effects I achieved, and all this was complemented with text transfers or even transcribing some poems like Chekhov's.

There was no specific topic I wanted to work with. It is just the curiosity to play with the materials available in a good cotton paper.

Also, in order not to handle a lot of color, I decided to add collage and give the composition another dimension.

Well ... this was something among other things that I did, but I leave here the results of my work and I hope this inspires you like me in the way of "trial and error" which I consider very fun and interesting.

Final Work

Other exercises:

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