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Rocío Olguín

Fine Artist


+52 951 2566318



Priv. de Quetzalcoatl 110A, Col. Centro,
Oaxaca de Juárez, México


May 24th, 1971

Birds of my


About me

Graduated from the Bachelor of Graphic Design by the Universidad Iberoamericana Plantel Santa Fe (Mexico City - 1991-94).

In 2010, I attended workshops at Academia de San Carlos: highlighting the workshop on painting techniques and materials, with the art professor Alfredo Nieto.

In 2011, I decided to settle in the city of Oaxaca, and in my search for new academic options I attended the Rufino Tamayo Workshop where I was introduced to the practice of print making. Also in the San Agustín Arts Center (CASA), I attended various workshops with teachers such as Gabriel Macotela, Sandra Pani and Francisco Castro Leñero.

Since 2015 I have been part of the work team of the Civil Association IDEA (Promoter for Educational and Artistic Development), carrying out projects focused on cultural management and training of teachers of Houses of Culture and Houses of the People in the State of Oaxaca; also provi- ding consulting in the design of social communication materials.

In 2016, I completed the Diploma in Art as a creative therapeutic instrument "SCHOOL AND COMMUNITY" through the Institute of Holistic Studies and Art Therapies

My series

"BIRDS OF MY DREAMS" I consider my first pictorial series after a long time exploring various subjects. It is curious for me to observe these paintings because since childhood birds have captured my attention. Lucky to have grown up in a house with its own garden, I enjoyed nature within a city that grows at every moment, and of course watching the birds was and is part of my life.

This work exists because it is precisely a way of throwing myself into the unknown without fearing what will happen. It is a new path for me, which makes me feel comfortable and safe as a creator of something with which I have always been connected. The way we perceive things is different for each one of us and for me this is the way in which the spirit or essence of the bird manifests itself in me: it is not my intention to capture real birds at any time although some pieces can refer us to something known and I must say that I currently practice bird watching and this activity has visually influenced the progress of this work.

It all started by experimenting with drawing, giving continuity to the exercises developed in workshops such as that of master Gabriel Macotela; I shared this with some of my students, this being a great source of feedback and inspiration. At first I could not leave black and white work, but little by little the curiosity to see how it evolved and experimenting with collage-based textures, enamels, oil and even asphalt was what led me to the current result, so take care to give it coherence to this collection of paintings.

My process

everything starts with chaos
then images start to appear

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