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Series "Birds of My Dreams"

This work exists precisely because it is a way of launching myself into the unknown without fearing what is going to happen. It's a new path for me, which makes me feel comfortable and safe as the creator of something I've always been connected to. The way in which we perceive things is different for each one of us and for me this is the way in which the spirit or essence of the bird manifests itself in me: it is not my intention to depict real birds at any time, although some pieces may refer us to something familiar and I must say that I currently practice bird watching and this activity has visually influenced the progress of this work.

BIRDS OF MY DREAMS It is a series that has helped me to explore new pictorial forms complemented with all the technical and practical knowledge accumulated during years of artistic practice. They open up a new visual perspective where experimenting with the abstract led me at this moment to capture something more recognizable: building birds under a deeper conception that transcends realism. Hence the title of this series.


Landscapes of Oaxaca Series

LANDSCAPES OF OAXACAreflects my travel experiences in this state where I decided to call it home. This area of the Mexican Republic offers a great richness in landscape, flora and fauna, which has motivated me to capture it on paper and canvas through drawing and painting. Each representation is a personal experience, I know each of these places and others are fictitious but deeply inspired by my visual experiences. I am mainly a mountain person and that is why most of my work expresses this link with the forest, where I find peace and connection with Nature.


Urban Sketching

URBAN SKETCHINGIt is a project that was born with my first trip to Europe. From Portugal I was inspired to make my own postcards of this wonderful and unforgettable trip. With watercolors and a Chinese ink pen I made each of these spaces and when I returned to Oaxaca, I also realized that this city is also full of very iconic and picturesque places that deserve to be captured on paper.

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